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No, Golf was not one of the sports included in the 2014 Commonwealth Games. It is actually a 2016 Olympics sport.

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Q: Is golf a 2014 commonwealth games sport?
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Is golf included in commonwealth games?

Despite being a recognized sport by the Commonwealth Games Federation, the sport has never featured in a Commonwealth Games.

Is golf a Commonwealth Games sport?


Which sport is not in the Olympics games?


What is the most popular sport in the world in 2014?

i think its football or golf

What sport will be new to the olympic games 2016?


What sport is not in the Olympic games?

football, hockey and golf

What year was golf named an Olympic sport?

Golf was introduced into the Olympics in 1900. The 1904 Games were the last time golf was contested.

Is golf a sport?

Golf is a sport.

When did golf become an olympic sport?

Golf was in the 1900 and the 1904 Olymipics. It will return for the 2016 games in Rio de Janiero.

Golf was confirmed as a global sport when an Olympic sport in what year?

golf is not in the olympic sport so wrong question sorry

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The games of golf and curling have Scotland as the home of their governing bodies.

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It is a sport, although you can play a game of golf.

What is a 4 letter sport starting with T?

Golf is a 4 letter sport. It is a sport that uses "tees".

What games are played in Haiti?

The most popular sport in Tortuga, Haiti is footballalso another is golf and tennis.

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Horse racing is the sport of kings, not golf or tennis.

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Golf is not currently an Olympic sport. There is talk however they are going to bring golf back to the Olympics soon.

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Most likely the sport with the most games per year. Golf, football, but mostly likely Soccer(Or football depending on where you're from)

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Golf. Golf.

Is golf a vigorous sport?

It is a relaxed sport if you are not playing competitively and just having fun with friends, but if you get into golf with money or tournament golf it is the most mentally and physically vigorous sport i have ever played,

What sport has 4 letters and is played with clubs and starts with a tee?

The sport is golf.

What is the sport played on the moon?

One astronaut took along a golf ball, and hit it with an improvised golf club, so it may be claimed that golf is the Lunar sport- but it can be difficult to get to the golf course.

Is golf a man's sport?

Golf is a sport for both men and women, however far more men play golf and the mens' game is more popular.

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