Is general patraeus retired

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Q: Is general patraeus retired
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Is general patraeus Greek?

no, he has holland ancestorship.

What is the proper salutation for a retired General?

The proper salutation for a retired General is "General (Retired)" or "General Smith (Retired)" when addressing them formally.

Is general david petraeus now in Kabul Afghanistan?

David Patraeus seems to be in New York working in a investment firm and teaching at CUNY.

Who exactly is David Petraeus?

David Patraeus is a retired United States military officer and public servant. He was the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) from September 2011 until November 2012.

What was eisenhowerds rank when he retired from the Amy?

Eisenhower was General of the Army (5 star general) when he retired.

What is Colin Powell's title?

General Retired

Do you fly a flag for a retired general officer?


Which type of health insurance would a retired army general be eligible for?

which type of health insurance program would a retired army general be eligible for

What is the definition of ex-military general?

A former military general. One who used to be a general for the army but is currently retired

Was Colin Powell a five star general of the Army?

No, General Colin Powell retired as a Four Star General.

Who is Tommy Thayer's Dad?

Brigadier general Thayer retired

Who is Dr Ponchita Lopez married to?

He is a 2 star retired army general. He is a famous Black general.