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Yes, futball (soccer) is in the Olympics.

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Q: Is futball in the Olympics
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Which countries play futball?

Pretty much every country plays futball. Big or small.

England the rich called it soccer and the poor called it futball in 1860's to futball?

It was called Kamari which translates to soccer. The rich and king's and queen's called it soccer up to 1860's. the poor or common of England called it Futball. It was called soccer origanally by the rich who mainly played the game. Then the common people started playing and they called it futball around the 1860's. That is when it was called futball. The rich called it soccer and the poor called it futball. American football started in the mid 1800's. You can read the history of soccer, futball and football in books; otherwise, check for yourself.

What is another word for soccer?

futball or football

What is Italys favorite sports?

soccer or futball

What is Mexico home sport?

it i soccer or futball

What is futball?

Futball is another word for what is known as football in Europe, or soccer in the United States. Football is soccer in the USA etc, or AFL in Australia.

What is the most popular Spanish sport?

soccer or futball

What are the most practiced sports in America?

Baseball and Futball

What are Aussie's favourite sports?

rugby futball cricket lacrosse

What kind of sports to people play in Italy?

Futball [soccer]

Is soccer futball?

Yes in different countries around the world.

What do people in Vietnam do for fun?

they play soccor, or futball as they call it

Is soccer called futball in Germany?

No, it's called "Fußball"

What are Brazil's main sports?

mostly soccer or futball in their language

Which is the 2nd biggest sports festival in the world?

the world cup. futball

What is the most common cause of bilateral femur fractures?

futball or football

What are the most popular sports of the U.K.?

Most likely soccer or how is said there "futball"

Which was the first Asian team enter in worldcup football?

I think your talking about Futball

What sports do the England schools play?

Futball. Also known as soccer in the U.S

What sport does most of the world play?

Soccer, or Futball as some parts of the world calls it.

Why do Filipinos call soccer futball?

Because different countries have different names for their sport activities

What are typical french customs?

Some french customs are pizza and spaghetti. They like to play futball which is soccer.

Como se dice cabezazo en ingles refiriendose al futball?

Se dice "header".

What is damian mcgintys fav sport?

Damian Mcgintys fav sport is soccer, also known as futball

How long is the escalator in Grand Central Station?

it is 25 stairways long or 2 futball feeds long!! :) ;)