Is friction useful to gymnasts

Updated: 10/22/2022
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frictional is invaluable (extremely valuable) to everyone. it literally holds the word together.

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Yes, friction is useful to gymnasts because it helps their hands to grip.

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Q: Is friction useful to gymnasts
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Is it true friction is useful to gymnasts?

yes my of course lad why do think gymnast's put on powder on their hand's.

Describe 3 examples where low friction is not useful?

Friction is very useful but it has its own disadvantages. Friction causes wear and tear. Friction spoils the soles of our shoes. friction reduces speed This is all wrong some not useful types of friction are are when airplanes fly the friction causes heat that materials that will withstand which are costly.

Does brakes on a bicycle have a lot of friction or not much and is it useful or not useful?

Brakes are meant to have a lot of friction and it's useful.

Is friction useful?

yes friction is very useful because it help objects not to slide or slip

Is one way that friction is useful?

stopping cars Friction is useful to start a fire with sticks.

Is friction useful with computers?

No Friction Runes Computers

When can friction not be useful in a boat?

the friction from pushing the hull through the water is not useful as long as you're travelling.

What three ways can friction be useful?

friction is useful for: you to walk It is needed for braking Can be used to produce heat

When is a high friction useful?

It can be useful when a ball is catching

Why are tyres useful friction?

how does friction help car tyres?

When is high friction useful?

High friction is useful for lots of things, like a goalkeeper's glove. The more friction there is between the glove and the ball, the easier it is to get a hold of it.

When Is Friction Useful and When Is Friction Not Useful?

Friction is useful when you are trying to stop a car, but not useful in the pistons of a car's engine (It makes them less efficient).