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There's two types of franchise tags. Exclusive: Player cannot negotiate with other teams and his salary is the greater of 1) 120% of previous year's salary or 2) average salary of the top 5 players playing the same position from the current year. Non-exclusive: Salary terms are the same except it's the average of the top 5 players from the previous year. Player can negotiate with other teams but current team reserves the right to match the offer. If it doesn't match the offer, it receives two first-round draft picks.

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Q: Is franchise tag on Nfl players guaranteed?
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Does the NFL franchise tag rule apply in a trade?

According to this news story, players can be traded after having the franchise tag applied to them:

Is NFL franchise tag contracts guaranted?


When does an nfl player receive guranteed money?

Once they have signed a contract or the player received a franchise tag

What does it means when a player gets the franchise tag?

Each team can franchise on player whose contract is over each year. A franchise is a one-year contract. The player cannot be franchised two years in a row, but can be again later in his career. The team looks at all the players in the NFL at his position. They remove any other franchised players. Then, they average the top five player's salary and pay the player that much. Once a player has been franchised, he cannot try to get a better deal.

Did Michael oher get a franchise tag?


What does a franchise tag mean?

A Franchise tag is not a German phrase. It refers to privileged labeling, i.e. in professional sports. Also see weblink below.

If a player has the franchise tag put on him then traded does the team that gets his service have to respect the frachise tag?

If a player is traded, the franchise tag is basically null. The franchise tag applies only to free agency. However, if a team went through the effort and expense of putting the franchise tag on a player (paying that player the average of the top 5 salaries at the player's position), the possibility of them trading that player is highly unlikely.

Who is the franchise player for the Dallas Cowboys?

No one. Club opted to not use tag?

Did Matt Forte play for the Detroit Lions?

No, He was drafted by Chicago and is currently under the Franchise Tag with them.

What does clean tag mean in black ops?

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What is NFL franchise tag?

Each team is allowed to designate one of their players who is going to become a unrestricted free agent with the 'franchise tag'. An unrestricted free agent is a player whose contract has expired and is free to negotiate with any team without his present team having the opportunity to match the contract negotiated between the player and the other team. There are two types of franchise tag ... exclusive and non-exclusive: Exclusive: The player must be offered a one year contract 1) at a salary of the average of the top five salaried players at his position, or 2) at a salary at least 120% of his previous year's salary, whichever of the two is the higher amount. The player may not negotiate with any other teams even though he is a free agent. Non-exclusive. Same as the Exclusive player except the player is allowed to neogtiate with other teams. Should the player agree in principle to a contract with another team, his present team is allowed to match the contract and keep his services. If his present team does not match the contract, the player becomes a member of the other team and the other team must 'pay' two first round draft choices as compensation to the player's now former team. The exclusive tag is a way for the owners to get around free agency. The exclusive tag does not allow the player to negotiate with other teams and the non-exclusive tag states the team will be compensated if the player signs with another team.

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