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I don't think she is

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Q: Is former basketball player Cheryl Miller married?
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Has cheryl miller ever been married?

As of July 2014, Cheryl Miller has never been married. She is a former college women's basketball player. She is currently the coach at Langston University.

Is Cheryl Miller the former basketball player gay?


What has chery miller contributed to society?

Cheryl Miller is a former college basketball player. She currently works as a reporter for NBA TV. She was inducted in the Woman's Basketball Hall of Fame in 1999.

For playing what sport is Brad Miller known for?

Brad Miller is a former professional basketball player.

Is former woman basketball player Cheryl Miller a lesbian?

Yes she is. Her girlfriend is a woman by the name CHARLENE MCGREY, a bank manager at the BANK OF AMERICA in PHOENIX, ARIZ., where they met in 1993. And yes they are still "partners", although as you might guess, CHERYL still likes to keep her private life on the d.l.

Is Carolyn Peck former womens' basketball coach married and does she have any children?


Where is former Arizona wildcat basketball player Herman harris?

He is married and lives in Tucson, Az...

Who has the most career 3 point field goals attempted?

Reggie Miller played 18 years in the Nation Basketball Association. Miller was a former member of the Indiana Pacers.

Who is Yao Ming married too?

Yao is married to Ye Li, a former player for the China women's national basketball team

Did Yao Ming get married?

Yes, Yao is married to Ye Li, a former player for the China women's national basketball team

Is Yao Ming married?

Yes. To Ye Li, a former member of the Chinese woman's national basketball team.

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