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No. The NFL and College Football are played in the fall, but the Arena Football League and smaller indoor football leagues play in the spring and early summer.

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Q: Is football only played in the fall?
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What season is football played in?

It is played in Fall/Winter

When is football played?

During the fall and winter.

What seasons do you play football?

Football is professionally played from fall to winter. However, football can be played recreationally year-round.

What season is American football played in?

The American football season begins in the fall

What sports are played during fall?

football if you are playing Family Feud ;)

What fall sport other than football is played with pigskins and touchdowns?


Is football only played in the US?

Yes, football is only played in the US. Countries in Europe and Asia play a game similar to it called rugby

When does college football fall camp start?

when does football fall practice start

Which is more famous Soccer or football?

soccer as it is played all over the world were as football is played only in america(professionaly)

What are the sports played in America but not played in Mexico?

Football is the only one i can think of

What fall sport is played with wooden sticks and a small ball?

The answer is baseball,kroka and many wooden and ball sports if only football had sticks also hockey kind of

What months are football in?

football season is in the fall.

Is football season during the fall?

Yes, in America, the football season is during the fall season!

When is the football season?


Football players that only played on one team?

Hines Ward

What sport do they play in Nepal?

They Only Played Football (Soccer) and Basketball.

Who are the only team to have played in every football world cup?


Is American football played only in America?

Yes No it is played all over the world World Sports Scouting

Where and when was Football played?

Football is played on a football pitch and anytime there is a game! It is played in MLS.

Is there spring football?

Nope. All football is in the fall and winter.

Is the United States the only country that has professional football teams?

Football is an American game and being played only in the US, a similar game called rugby is the European version of football.

When the football season starts?


How many NFL Player only played community college football?


Was Sally Ride a really good football player?

No, she only played Tennis...

How man Football players have only played for one team?

just seventeen