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i believe that Ice Hockey is more violent but, football is up their

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2009-04-07 18:06:07
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Q: Is football more violent
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Why is rugby a violent game?

It's like football.... do you know why football is violent?

Which is more violent football or rugby?

American Football is more violent than rugby because in American football you have 22 players crashing into each other while in rugby, except in a scrum, you only have people going after one player.

What sport is most violent?

Football more guranteed injures maybe death

Is American football more violent than soccer football?

No, chess is.Answer 2. On the field, yes it is. Amongst the spectators, no way.

What is the comparative and superlative to the word violent?

The comparative is "more violent"; the superlative is "most violent".

What did people do for fun in the 1700's?

They payed lots of football but football was a lot more violent

Is football too violent?

No, it just depends on how you play it.

Is football more violent then hockey?

They are both very violent sports, but I would personally say football. The Saints were just uncovered in a bad scandal where they would get paid thousands of dollars to throw huge hits in defenseless players. Sean Payton was suspended from coaching for a year for this.

Why do you think people hate football?

Because it is a violent sport.

Who was more violent the Aztecs incas or the mayans?

The Aztecs were more violent with sacrifices.

Why was football banned fro some time in the Tudor times?

Football was banned because it was a very violent sport.

Do playing violent video games make people more violent?

Studies have shown they do not make people more violent.

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