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That depends on whether you mean to play or to watch. To play, Basketball is much more popular due to its less aggressive nature. One can also pick up a ball and play anytime as little equipment is required. Football is probably more popular to watch.

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Football (Soccer) and American Football is more popular than basketball

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Q: Is football more populare than basketball?
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Is basketball more phyisical than football?

No. Football is more physical than basketball. The average force of impact of tackles in football is much stronger than than contact in basketball.

Who is more athletic football or basketball player?

definitely Football is more athletic than basketball

Why is basketball more popular than football?

The NBA offers money, as well as a chance to play against the big named athletes. LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, D-Wade, D-Rose, Dirk, CP3, etc...they all been through the same things. They've been through scouting, drills, training camps, even The Draft. The NCAA is just college basketball, but it's an exciting experience for the younger athletes. From Division I to III, even Community colleges get involved in the game. NCAA Athletes get recruited by a number of colleges, and have an opportunity to achieve a goal, such as going to the league.

Is basketball more famous than football?


Does football have more contact than basketball?

Yes it does

Is baseball more populare than football?

yes football is more popular most of the top viewed shows in history have been Superbowls

Do football players make more money than basketball plAyers?

There is a wide range of salaries in professional football (also known as soccer), and the amount of money a player makes can depend on a variety of factors such as their skill level, the team they play for, and the country in which they play. Generally, players who compete at the highest levels of the sport, such as in major European leagues or on national teams, tend to earn the most money. However, there is also a significant pay gap between male and female football players, with male players generally earning more. h̴t̴t̴p̴s̴:̴/̴/̴w̴w̴w̴.̴d̴i̴g̴i̴s̴t̴o̴r̴e̴2̴4̴.̴c̴o̴m̴/̴r̴e̴d̴i̴r̴/̴3̴7̴2̴5̴7̴6̴/̴D̴o̴n̴e̴s̴u̴u̴u̴/̴