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it is played both inside and outside. if it is played inside, then they call the stadium a dome. most football fields are outside

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โˆ™ 2010-04-13 20:55:21
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Q: Is football inside or outside
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What is inside when it is outside and what is outside when it is inside?

inside when its outside is outside because inside is outside answer = outsidesame with outside being inside answer = inside

Can the shape of a football be a two sided shape?

Yes, the inside and the outside of the ball.

How many parts do an American football have?

3 the inside rubber the outside rubber and the stitches

What are two different types of passing routes used in football?

Inside Routes and Outside Routes

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How easy is it to see out of the Bronze Under armour Football Visor?

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Where is the perimeter outside or inside?

The perimeter is both on the outside and the inside of a shape, as it is basically the outside wall/border of a shape and can therefore be viewed from the outside or the inside.

What is the inside of a football?

there is air in a football.

What inside is to outside as interior is to?

Inside is to outside as interior is to exterior.

Name three parts of your body used for passing a football?

Three parts you can pass with are your inside of your foot, the outside of your foot and your head

What is a OLB football?

In football, OLD stand for Outside Linebacker. There are two types of Outside Linebackers:Right Outside Linebacker, ROLB and the Left Outside Linebacker, LOLB

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Do pro football players have a career outside of football?


What material is on the inside of a football?

air is in the football

What is the job of a defensive end in football?

Outside containment. To make the opposing teams "ball carrier" stay inside the defense so the linebackers can do their job tackling. Also, to rush the quarterback.The Defensive in football is usually outside coverage meaning makes sure no one gets to outside of him so they are not able to run the boundry

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