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Yes, and no. It would be best to describe it a an International sport as many many countries round the world play the game. However the game was originally invented by the English and is very popular in England.

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Q: Is football an English sport
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What sport is featured in the English Premiership?

The sport of English football (soccer).

What sport is Spanish football in English?


What sport did the English and German troops play together?


What sport is Southend United associated with?

Southend United F.C. is associated with the sport of English football.

How old is the sport of football?

English invented official rules in 1863

What is Rihanna's favourite sport?

Rihanna Likes Watching Tennis And her faviroute sport is soccer or English football

What type of sport does Everton play?

Everton Football Club plays in the English Premier Football League. In the United States, the sport is called soccer and is not to be confused with American football.

Why do Americans say soccer not football because football is the proper word?

In the American dialect of the English language "football" is one sport, "soccer" is another. In the British dialect of the English language, the sport the Americans call "soccer" is called "football" they do not play much American Football in Britain.

What does le football mean in English?

Le football (masc.) is the sport called soccer in the US - and football nearly everywhere else.

What sport is Manchester United famous for?

Manchester United is an English football club.

What sport did Gordon Banks play?

Gordon Banks played English football.

What is the best actual sport in the world?

football American soccer or english football is the most popular sport in the world, being played by more people than american football and baseball combined.

Saudi Arabia history sport?

Football is there history sport Football is there history sport Football is there history sport

What is the national sport in Denmark?

Football, English workers came to Denmark in the mid-late 1800's. And came with the football to Denmark. And led it to be the National Sport of DK

Continuum of sport for English football?

the continuum of sport in english football is as thus, your basic level 1 qualification iwll be needed to proceed to the third stage of hearings by the FA, once the FA has confirmed this you will then be able to progress into a more elite level of football

What was the most popular sport in the 1500s?

mideval football, chess,english cricket,Chausar

What is the most played and best known sport in the world?

If you are English it will be football, Americans will be soccer

What sport is associated with Colchester United?

Colchester United F.C. is associated with English football.

How do you say my faverouite sport is football in french?

My favorite sport is Football. = Mon sport préféré est le football!

What sport came from football?

Football didnt have any sport come from it however, Football came from a sport known as rugby.

What is the national sport in Jordan?

football is the national sport. Football is another popular sport their. By football I think it is meaning soccer.

What kind of sport is Man UTD affiliated with?

Manchester United or Man UTD is affiliated with the sport of English football (known as soccer in the US).

What is Italy's main sport played in there country?

football (or soccer for the US English speakers). Pretty much the whole country is fanatic about that sport.

When did American football become a sport?

Yes, American Football is a sport.

Is football sport or hobbies?