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American football has nothing to do with soccer. American football is just a plain copy of Rugby only thing football uses protection and rugby doesn't


Well, it's sort of like rugby with forward passes and much harder hits (hence the padding). The game was originally much more kicking-oriented and was something like full-contact soccer. In the 1870s, the rules were standardized, based on the English rugby code, but over the next 40 years it took on its own flavor. The line of scrimmage replaced the scrum, a down-and-distance system was developed, and eventually the forward pass was legalized. Those are all things unique to American football (although rugby league now uses something similar to a system of downs).

It's not anything like soccer, but it's definitely a cousin of rugby.

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football is american

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Q: Is football American or is soccer American?
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What is a better game soccer of football?

soccer is American for football

The roots of American Football come from soccer and what other sport?

Soccer --> Rugby --> American Football

What sport is gridiron in American?

American football. Not soccer(football)

When wikianswers come up with football in an american question do they mean football or soccer?

Americans call soccer soccer, and football football!

Why do they cal American football football?


Who invented or made the first football for the game of football?

depends what football you're referring to: soccer or American football? depends what football you're referring to: soccer or American football?

How do you explain soccer to an American?

Lmfao soccer is the american word for football obviously americans know what soccer is.

Soccer vs football?

It depends on what you mean by soccer vs football. If you are referring to the beautiful game. Most countries and territories call it football or something similar to the name. However, some countries say soccer(Association Football) because they have other sports or versions of football, such as American Football, Canadian Football, Australian Football, Gaelic Football and Rugby Football.

What sport has 11 players to a team?

In the sport of American football, there are eleven starting players on each team.

What is England national game?

Football is probably more popular. (That's soccer, not American Football!)

What is football called in America?

"American football" is what football is called in England. This is because the names "associated football" and "football" are already used for soccer.

Is soccer like football?

soccer in an american term means football to the english.its the same thing.