Is finlay good at football

Updated: 10/22/2022
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No, Finlay is rubbish at football, whenever he tries to kick the ball he always misses.But he does like to use girls as target practice. Ye he is crap hornswoggle is probly better

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Q: Is finlay good at football
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When was Jack Finlay - American football - born?

Jack Finlay - American football - was born on 1921-09-08.

What is finlays parent names?

David E. Finlay and Mary S. Finlay David E. Finlay and Mary S. Finlay

Is finlay a good wrestler?

He has been in wwe for a long while so he must be!

What is the birth name of Finlay Currie?

Finlay Currie's birth name is Finlay Jefferson Currie.

What is the birth name of Marc Finlay?

Marc Finlay's birth name is Marc Lynden Finlay.

What is the birth name of Dave Finlay?

Dave Finlay's birth name is David John Finlay Jr.

What is Finlay's real name?

Finlay's full name is David J. Finlay, Jr.

What is finlay's surname?

David Edward Finlay, Jr

How tall is Finlay Robertson?

Finlay Robertson is 6'.

Is finlay robertson gay?

no finlay isn't gay

Did WWE's Finlay wrestle in wcw?

Finlay wrestled in WCW as Fit Finlay. But Hornswoggle wasn't in wrestling at that time.

What is WWE Finlay real name?

David Edward Finlay, Jr.