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Person 1 Field Hockey is just as hard as any sport, it all depends on the amount of dedication you put into it.

Person 2 I've played some field hockey and a lot of Ice Hockey, and I found field hockey much harder. For one thing, it is unfair to those of us who are left shots. Because of the types of sticks in field hockey, we all had to shoot right. Also, a ball on grass is much harder to handle than a puck on ice.

I didn't enjoy playing field hockey at all.

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Q: Is field hockey a hard sport to play?
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Players involed in field hockey?

Anyone can play field hockey. You can become a really good player if you try your hardest to learn the game of field hockey. There are 11 players on the field for one team. Most Middle Schools and High School have field hockey. It is s fast moving sport. If you have not played before you should. It is a really amazing sport! Try It Out!

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field hockey

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I play hockey because its fun, dangerous which gives you adrenaline rushes and its quite a hard sport to play so once your good at it you can own people at school :)

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Running Fred, football, lacrosse, baseball, hockey, field hockey, soccer, airsoft, paintball, and many more.

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