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Q: Is fallen leafs and holly leaf mates?
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What feeling does Holly leaf get about learning the prophecy?

im sorry this might not answer your questoin but holly leaf does no get her power, she dies in "Power Of Three" book 6 Sunrise.I suspect that well.........dove and/or ivy are the 3rd or 4th appprentice And For Any Holly Leafs Fans ::::((((((( <cries for you>

Does a coil spring have four leafs?

No. A coil spring has coils, no leafs. A leaf spring has leafs, anywhere from one leaf to many leafs depending on the application.

Is The leaves are fallen correct English?

No.The leaves have fallen.ORThe leaf has fallen.ORThe leafs are on the ground.Another answer:It is correct British usage. It is uncommon American usage.

When was Holly leaf miner created?

Holly leaf miner was created in 1846.

What are the four leafs of a clover?

first leaf is for hopesecond leaf is for faiththird leaf is for lovefourth leaf is for luck.

What is the name of the leaf that grows on a holly tree?

a holly leaf i think it wouldnt hurt to google it

What are evergreen leafs?

It is a leaf from the evergreen tree

Is leafs a word?

No, the plural of leaf is leaves.

When was First Leaf Fallen created?

First Leaf Fallen was created in 2004-07.

What can you make from a leaf?

A leaf is made from a number of tissues.

What do willow leaf beetles eat?

willow leafs

What has 4 lucky leafs?

A 4 leaf clover