Is faithlyn moss related to randy moss?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Yes, Randy Moss has relatives. Some of his closest relatives are:

  • a sister Lutisia
  • a brother Eric
  • four children - Sydney and Senali, Thaddeus and Montigo
  • and mom Maxine Moss
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No, they are not related. Randy Moss is from Rand, West Virginia, while Sinorice Moss is from the Miami, Florida. However, Sinorice Moss' brother is Santana Moss, wide receiver for the Washington Redskins.

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Yes she goes to Boone county high school in florence KY and is very talented at Basketball

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Q: Is faithlyn moss related to randy moss?
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Are Randy Moss and Santana Moss related?

No, Randy and Santana Moss are not related. However Santana's younger brother is Giants' injured wide receiver Sinorice Moss.

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Is Santana moss and randy moss brothers?

Randy Moss was one of the most impressive football players of his time. The Moss family tradition can carry on through his brother Eric.

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Randy Moss is a wide reciever.

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Randy Moss was born on February 13, 1977.

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