Is fabregas going to Barcelona

Updated: 9/28/2023
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I dont think so, Barcelona currently cannot afford the asking price for him, and Arsene seemingly refuses to let him leave either. I would be surprised at this point if he does go.

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Yes, in the summer transfer season of 2011, FC Barcelona bought Cesc Fabregas from Arsenal.

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No, Cesc Fabregas in at Spanish side FC Barcelona.

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Q: Is fabregas going to Barcelona
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Fabregas is going to leave to go to Barcelona?


Is fabregas going to barcalona?

No Fabregas will not join Barcelona next year as he has a contract at Arsenal.

Is Cesc Fabregas going to Barcelona?

yh he is in the future

Is Fabregas in Barcelona?

yes he is in Barcelona.

Where does francesc fabregas lives?


What number does fabregas wear?

Fabregas plays for Barcelona and wears the number 4 shirt.

Who played for arsenal and Barcelona?

fabregas and henry

Who are the new signings of Barcelona for this season?

Fabregas,A Sanchez

Why did fabregas sign for arsenal?

Cesc Fabregas was signed from Spanish team Barcelona

How much was fabregas bought from Barcelona?

29 million euros

What football team does cesc fabregas support?

He supports Barcelona

Where fabregas was born?

Vilassar de mar, Barcelona, Spain