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Yes its really good. I got it this morning and its easily the best F1 game i have ever played.

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โˆ™ 2010-09-23 07:11:35
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Q: Is f1 2010 on xbob good?
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How do you get engine failures on F1 2010 game?

You can't get mechanical failures in the F1 2010 game.

What systems is f1 2010 on?

F1 2010 is available on PC, PS3, Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360

What is the newest F1 game in the works for the PS3?

F1 2010 is the newest

Why is virgin racing f1 not good in 2010 although they have lots of money?

Rich people own it.

How do you turn damage on f1 2010?


Is f1 2010 on Wii?

Unfortunately not.

Is f1 2010 available in ps2?


Which is better PS4 or XBOB 360?

PS4 was developed to be much better

When does codemasters f1 2010 game come out?

Late 2010

Will f1 2010 on ps3 have the safety car on it?

No, it does not.

Does the F1 2010 game have multiplayer?

Yes it does.

Is there any cheats for F1 2010?


When is F1 2010 out?

The release date is not yet sure, but reportedly mid 2010

When is f1 2010 the game being released?

Its already out

What is the release date of f1 2010 game?

It is out now

How do you win races on F1 2010?

Finish First.

What game engine does F1 2010 use?


How do you use headphones on f1 2010 game?

you can't

Is f1 good?

F1 is great but it depends whether your interested in cars and racing or not!

When is f1 09 coming out on PS3?

F1 2009 was only released for the PSP and not the PS3 see related link F1 2010 will be released September 24 2010 for the PS3 and other consoles see related link

What consoles can you play halo on?

xbob xbox 360 ive no doubt xbox 720 and the pc

What date is the Monaco Grand Prix 2010?

The 2010 Monaco F1 Grand Prix is on the 16th of May.It will be the 56th F1 running of the historic race and 66th overall.

What are the new teams joining F1 in 2010?

The new teams joining the F1 2010 season are:Mercedes GP PetronasLotus F1Campos Meta 1US F1Virgin Racing

Can women be f1 drivers?

Yes, if a woman is good enough then she could be an F1 driver.

How many races were in f1 2010 calendar season?