Is enes kanter Jewish

Updated: 10/26/2022
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No he is Muslim. During his interviews he says Insha'Allah and other Islamic Terms.

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Q: Is enes kanter Jewish
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When was Enes Kanter born?

Enes Kanter was born on 1992-05-20.

What college did NBA player Enes Kanter play for?

NBA player Enes Kanter played for Kentucky.

What position does Enes Kanter play?

Enes Kanter plays center for the Utah Jazz.

What is Enes Kanter's number on the Utah Jazz?

Enes Kanter is number 0 on the Utah Jazz.

How much money does Enes Kanter make?

NBA player Enes Kanter made $4505280 in the 2013-2014 season.

How old is Enes Kanter?

NBA player Enes Kanter is 25 years old (born May 20, 1992).

What religion is enes kanter?


What college did enes kanter go to?


When was Enes Uğurlu born?

Enes Uğurlu was born in 1989.

How tall is Enes Vejzovic?

Enes Vejzovic is 187 cm.

What nicknames does Enes Zlatar go by?

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When was Bernadette Kanter born?

Bernadette Kanter was born in 1950.