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Q: Is effort more important than result?
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Is economic growth more important than economic equality?

yes. Equality is only possible when everybody is equally poor. As long as you reward people for their effort, some will choose to put in less effort than others, and earn less as the result.

End is more important than means?

End is important than means case is not suitable for all cases...but most of the cases End is imprtant...End is the final result of every case means is not good but the final result makes that means good

Success is never come easily try and try again you will surely successful one day is it true?

Success never comes without effort. And not every effort can result in a Success either. Picture this, say if you toss a coin, result will be a head or a tail. But again it depends on an effort i.e. tossing the coin. Life has got more aspects to it more than a head or a tail. if you go on thinking too much about success which is also a concept frequently changing with your age, position or frame of mind. You miss to toss that coin (no effort--> no result or not the desired result)

Why it is important that scientists perform an experiment more than one time?

because they want to get an acurate result

Why does pulling a load up requires more effort?

it requires more energy to pull because the load is heavier than the effort.

When you complete a job but use more time and effort than is truly necessary how have you worked?

When you complete a job, but use more time and effort than is truly necessary, how have you worked?

Why is it important for scientists to work together and listen to each other?

Science is a collaborative effort. Scientists make much more progress by working together, than they do by working alone.

Is moon more important than sun?

The moon is important for research, but is not more important than the sun.

Duty is more important than inclination?

duty is more important than inclination

Are farmers more important than traders?

Farmers are more important than

Why is it important to take more than one measurement?

It helps to confirm that there are no random errors in your experiment or project. That is it shows you that your result was not just a random occurrence.

What does generosity is more important than possession mean?

It is more important to be giving than to receive.