Is drogba Christian

Updated: 12/21/2022
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Q: Is drogba Christian
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Why does drogba believe in Christianity?

That's like saying why is the Pope not a protestant? Its just his faith anyone could be a Christian

What are the names of Didier Drogba's parents?

Didier Drogba's father's name is Albert Drogba and his mother's name is Clotilde Drogba.

How do you pronounce the name Drogba?

The name Drogba is pronounced "DROG-ba."

Who is better ronaldinho or didier drogba now?


What are the names of drogba's parents?

the name of drogba parnets

How much is Drogba paid?

Drogba is on £172,500 a week at Chelsea

Has drogba gone to real Madrid?

No Drogba is still at Chelsea.

What name is better drogba or Torres?

Drogba by Cameron barr DJS

Why is Didier Drogba called Didier Drogba?

Because that's his name

What position does didier drogba play?

Drogba is a centre forward

Where is drogba born?

Didier Drogba Place of Birth is Abidjan, Ivory Coast

Who is better didier drogba or steven Gerrard?

Didier Drogba is well better