Is dodgeball a sport

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Yes and No. Dodge Ball has all of the qualities a sport needs, but it is a small game.

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Q: Is dodgeball a sport
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What sport uses the ball as defense?

You can use the ball as defense in the sport of dodgeball.

What experienced increased popularity due to a movie named after the sport?


Is dodgeball an Olympic sport?


Is dodgeball a game hobby or sport?

dodge ball is a sport

Is dodgeball a pro sport?


When was dodgeball made a sport?


What is a sport that has nine letters?


What sport to be palyed in the moon?


Should dodgeball be an olympic sport?


What experinced popularity due to a movie named after the sport?


Unscramble sport or hobby blade gold?


What is the sport called when you run away from the balls?


Can you use a bowling ball to play dodgeball?

While a person has the ability to take a bowling ball and throw it at someone in the sport of dodgeball, it is strongly discouraged as the ball is not designed for the sport and can inflict injury.

What experienced popularity due to a movie named after the sport?


What is the most popular sport for Chinese?

table tennis or dodgeball

How many people play dodgeball?

Dodgeball is an unofficial school sport, and is often played from elementary school to high school. It is impossible to get an exact number.

Why is dodgeball a good sport to play?

You get to hit people with a ball on purpose.

What experienced increase popularity due to a movie named after the sport?


Is dodgeball consisdered a sport?

Yes, you do know you had to go into the sports category to get to the dodge ball category right.

Who is the best girl dodgeball player?

Sense it is an unofficial sport, it is impossible to determine the "best" female player.

What is the percent of students that enjoy dodge ball?

There hasn't been a study on the popularity of dodgeball among students yet. But recently dodgeball has become increasingly prominent in the interests of students, leading to fundraisers and tournaments related to the sport. One could easily surmise that dodgeball is notably popular within schools.

How do you spell dodgeball?

That is the correct spelling of the one-word noun "dodgeball" (a game). It can also be used for the specific balls designed for the game. The two-word form "dodge ball" is also used for the sport.

Is dodgeball a hobby game or sport?

If you think about, it's a hobby becuz isaac newton and Larry King said so. clearly you havnt played. its a sport

Can dodgeball relieve stress?

Any sport can relieve stress. Playing a sport or doing something active can easily relieve stress because you'r in a state of a physical activity.

Where was dodgeball created?

It is estimated that Dodgeball started back in the Caveman Era. Where cavemen, frustrated by the sun in their eyes, hurled rocks at the sun. When they came down, some caveman would be killed while others learned to "dodge" the rocks. This carried over into the Egyptian era to where they pharaoh would hold weekly "Dodgeball tournaments". Slowly but surly it evolved into what dodgeball is today.