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No, because the only reason spikes are on a cleat, is because the spikes provide better traction for an athlete. It doesn't have to do much with perpetual motion, or anything. Personally, I run faster in tennis shoes, if there are any inquiring minds that need to know.

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Q: Is do you run faster in cleats or tennis shoes a good science prodject?
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What is the difference between cleats and tennis shoes?

Why soccer cleats increase your speed oppposed to tennis shoes and flip flops?

most tennis shoes are smooth on the bottom and cleats have things on the bottom of them that can stop you when you are moving better

What do you wear on your feet when doing sports?

I wear tennis shoes when running/tennis. Cleats when playing soccer/football. Basketball Shoes for basketball.

Tennis is to sport as chemistry is to?


What is needed to start a lacrosse?

To start lacrosse, you need several pieces of equipment. Its different depending on whether your a boy or girl.BOYS: Need a stick, cleats/tennis shoes, helmet, padding, and a mouth guard.GIRLS: Need a stick, cleats/tennis shoes, goggles, and a mouth guard.


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Can you run faster with cleats or shoes?

Cleats are Faster than tennis shoes from my experience, the grip or traction of the Cleats dig into the floor and push off and with shoes the traction doesnt go into the floor and slips for less speedy then the cleats

How does cleats protect your body when playing soccer?

Its doesn't but in a way it does cuz if you wear tennis shoes you can slide but if you wear cleats they like claw (i gues) to the grass so you dont slide but then you run?? IDK!

Why does lacrosse require special shoes?

Lacrosse doesn't necessarily require certain shoes. When playing, most people use tennis shoes or cleats. This is because its easier to run faster in those types of shoes and they don't have to worry about them coming off when running

Why the tennis ball is faster as hockey puck?

because the tennis has more bounce in it your welcome

What does ATP World tour tennis mean?

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What is appropriate clothes?

Paintball Jersey with padding. Paintball pants, or ski pants. Mask, and tennis shoes or cleats. If you don't like getting hit then get a Chest and Neck protector.