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Q: Is diving in swimming a closed or open loop system?
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Is washing machine is open loop or closed control system and why?

closed loop system

What about sensitivity of a closed loop system?

Sensitivity of a closed loop system for a change in the system gain is 1/(1+GH)

Why closed loop control system is much stable than open loop control system?

A Closed loop system basically will have a feedback which enables the rectification of the error in the main process,whereas it is not possible in an open loop system

Is Computerized Numerical Control machine open loop system or closed loop system?


Is an microwave and closed loop system?


Closed loop control?

The closed loop control refers to a system whereby an input forcing function is usually determined in part by the system response.

Do sharks have an open or closed circulatory system?

Brown bear have a close circulation system

Is Human body open or closed loop control system?

open (in terms of thermo chemistry) ! It cannot be proved with science yet! BUT WHEN ONE TOUCHES SOMEONE, LOOKS THEM IN THE EYE, so forth one feels the exchange of energy(emotions). they are being effected by the surrounding !

Would a controlled designed closed or opened loop system enables better control of the system?

Open loop (single cycle) involves a break requiring a restart, easily adapted to closed loop.

What is the difference between finite open loop gain and closed loop gain?

In a closed loop system the gain without the feed back loop being closed is called open loop gain!!! e.g if forward gain is "A" and feed back factor is "B" then open loop gain is "AB" and closed loop gain will be [A/(A+B)]

What are the disadvantages of closed loop systems?

its costly than open loop system and bulky, too.

Electric guitar control system is a closed-loop control system or not?

Yes it is