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NFL player Dez Bryant is 6'-02''.

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Tom Schmidt

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โˆ™ 2021-05-06 18:33:14
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Q: Is Dez Bryant tall
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How tall is Dez Bryant?

NFL player Dez Bryant is 6'-02''.

Are Kobe Bryant and Dez Bryant related?

No. Dez Bryant and Kobe Bryant are not related. However Dez is a huge fan of Kobe.

What NFL team does Dez Bryant play for?

Dez Bryant plays for the Dallas Cowboys.

When was Dez Bryant born?

Dez Bryant was born on 1988-11-04.

What position does Dez Bryant play?

Dez Bryant plays Wide Receiver for the Dallas Cowboys.

What is Dez Bryant's number on the Dallas Cowboys?

Dez Bryant is number 88 on the Dallas Cowboys.

Does Dez Bryant have a brother?

Kobe bryant

How old is Dez Bryant?

Desmond "Dez" Bryant is 29 years old (born November 4, 1988).

What college did NFL player Dez Bryant play for?

NFL player Dez Bryant played for Oklahoma State.

How much does NFL player Dez Bryant weigh?

NFL player Dez Bryant weighs 222 pounds.

How many times has dez Bryant been to the pro bowl?

Dez Bryant has been to the Pro Bowl 3 times.

Are Kobe and dez Bryant reatives?


Did Dez Bryant get drafted?

Dez Bryant was drafted in the first round, 24th pick in the 2010 NFL draft by the Dallas Cowboys.

Is dez Bryant gay?


Was dez Bryant traded to browns?


What is Dez Bryants real name?

Desmond Bryant

Did Dez Bryant play sports?

Dez Bryant played football for Oklahoma State and was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys where he currently plays at the wide receiver position.

What position does Dez Bryant play on the Dallas Cowboys?

An Oklahoma State product, Dez Bryant is a wide receiver and sometime punt returner for the Dallas Cowboys.

How many kids do dez Bryant have?


How many touchdowns does Dez Bryant have in 2011?

Through Week 16 of the 2011 National Football League season, Dez Bryant of the Dallas Cowboys has nine touchdown catches.

Is Dez Bryant The Best Wr?

who the best wr

Who is the best football player of 2010?

Of course it's, if rookie, Dez Bryant.

Has Dez Bryant ever made it to the pro bowl?

No, he hasn't

How tall is Hector Dez?

Hector Dez is 5' 11".

How tall is Steve Dez?

Steve Dez is 5' 7".