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Q: Is desmond pringle related to Keith pringle?
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What is the birth name of Keith Desmond?

Keith Desmond's birth name is Luther Keith Desmond.

When did Desmond Keith Carter die?

Desmond Keith Carter died in 2002.

When was Desmond Keith Carter born?

Desmond Keith Carter was born in 1967.

What is the birth name of Desmond Gill?

Desmond Gill's birth name is Gill, Keith Desmond.

What is the boy names in the world?

desmond &keith

Where is Keith pringle who sang perfect peace?

Keith Pringle is in LA and he has a New CD coming out in about 6 or 7 on the look out. This will be a fanastic gospel album with remixes of his old songs and some new songs.

Is minister Keith pringle alive?

Yes, Keith Pringle is alive and well! In fact, he recently released a brand new album in October of 2010 entitled "Nothing Too Hard For God". He also recently did a taping for the Bobby Jones gospel show appearing on The Word Network.

Did Keith Pringle do a song called i want to thank you or one with those words in it?


What has the author Keith Pringle written?

Keith Pringle has written: 'Children and social welfare in Europe' -- subject(s): Family policy, Public welfare, Social conditions, Child welfare, Social policy, Children 'Men, masculinities, and social welfare' -- subject(s): Men, Human services, Psychology, Masculinity

Who wrote song Perfect Peace by Keith Pringle?

Rudolph Stanfield, Jr., writer, producer, arranger, a gospel legend.

Is Toby Keith related to duncan Keith?

On the show, Toby is Amy's son, but in real life they are not related.

Is Keith brown related to Chris Brown?

Keith brown is not in this world