Is dereck fisher in the NBA still?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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Derek Fisher is still in the NBA but is very old.

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Q: Is dereck fisher in the NBA still?
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Is derek fisher still in the nba?

No his retired after being in Lakers and Thunder

Did dereck whittenburg go the NBA?

Yes, he went to the Phoenix Suns 51st overall in the 1983 NBA Draft.

What year did derek fisher start play basketball in the nba?

Derek Fisher was drafted in the 1996 NBA draft by the Los Angeles Lakers. He is still currently a member of the Lakers.

How many rings does derrick fisher have?

Derek Fisher has 5 championship rings now that he has won the 2010 finals. Kobe Bryant is the 4th nba player to obtain 5 rings, and derek fisher is the 5th. If Kobe and Derek win another title they will tie Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Michael Jordan.

Is there a picture of dereck fishers wife?

there is a picture of Derek Fisher's wife on google, but i don't know if his wife is on yahoo.

Who were the 10 oldest NBA players?

Darrick Fisher

Which NBA point guard has the most NBA championship rings today as an active NBA player?

Derek Fisher as 5 rings

What NBA teams has Derrick Fisher played for?

lakers! lakers!

Worst shooting percentage in NBA?

I think derek fisher

How many championships has derrick fisher won?

Derek Fisher has won 3 NBA Championships. ALL with the Lakers.

Why did Derek Fisher make that shot in the 2010 NBA Finals against the Celtics?

Because Derek Fisher is a gun.

What is Dereck Whittenburg's birthday?

Dereck Whittenburg was born on October 2, 1960.