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There is currently no family tree available to verify this

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Q: Is darren lockyer related to edmund lockyer?
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Where was Darren Lockyer born?

Darren lockyer was born in Brisbane, QLD.

How many kids does Darren Lockyer have?

Darren lockyer has one son

When was Edmund Lockyer born?

Edmund Lockyer was born in 1784.

When was Darren Lockyer born?

Darren Lockyer was born on March 24, 1977.

How many games has Darren lockyer played?

Darren lockyer has played 533 games

What is Darren Lockyer's birthday?

Darren Lockyer was born on March 24, 1977.

How old is Darren Lockyer?

Darren Lockyer is 40 years old (birthdate: March 24, 1977).

Is Darren locker man?

Darren lockyer is the man.

What was Darren lockyer's mother's name?

her name was Darren

How long did Darren lockyer play nrl for?

Darren lockyer play nrl for around bout 10-13 years

Is Darren lockyer leaving rugby league this year?

Darren lockyer is not leaving the NRL this year but he has retired from the state of origin.

Is Darren Lockyer an Australian?