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I think so x

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Q: Is dancing more effective in burning calories then an exercise bike?
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What style of dancing burns the most calories?

Hip hop or pole dancing. Many articles say Zumba is most effective in burning calories. I know yoga isn't a dance but it burns almost as many calories as Zumba which worked great for me.

How do you correct this run-on sentence Dancing is so much fun it is great exercise too?

Dancing is so much fun; it is great exercise, too.

How many calories burning dancing?

The type of dance and the intensity determines that.It also depends on your weight, your degree of cardiovascular fitness (in other words how hard you have to work or how much effort you have to make), and for how long you dance.In addition, it depends on whether the dancing is continuous or whether you stop to take beaks. Most types of dancing will burn significant calories if sustained for long enough.All forms or cardio exercise or cardio activity are excellent for burning calories and body fat. See the related question and answer for more information.

Does dancing or exercise make your pulse move faster?

Fast dancing affects the heart rate because it is cardio. Cardio is an exercise that is used to speed up the heart and burn calories.

Why dancing is healthy?

Yes because it is a good exercise and burns excessive calories to keep you fit

Does tap dancing make you heathy?

Yes! Tap dancing, along with other types of dancing, is good exercise and fun to do! it improves cardiovascular health, helps to burn calories, gives you a sense of rhythm, and keeps the body in shape.

How many calories does break dancing burn?

It depends on the type of dancing and how long you are dancing. But for general dancing about 132 calories are burnt every half hour.

Is dancing the best exercise?

No it is not the best exercise in my opinion is running and or walking if you find that boring there is always biking. Oh and also i really good weight loss exercise is rowing you burn tons of calories doing rowing. Fact ;)

How many calories do you burn when doing cardio for 25 min?

The number of calories burned during any exercise depends on the size of the person exercising. For this example, the weight of the person is 150 lbs. Twenty-five minutes of general dancing will burn 128 calories. 25 minutes of fast ballroom dancing will burn 156 calories. 25 minutes of aerobic or ballet dancing will burn 136 calories.

Do you get exercise dancing?


How many calories are burned dancing for 10 minutes?

You will burn 500 calories for ten minutes of speed dancing!

Is tap dancing aerobic exercise?

Tap Dancing gives you an amazing cardio workout. I certainly consider it aerobic exercise.