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yes, Oscar de la hoya is daisy's uncle

no, Daisy De La Hoya's real name is Vanessa Mossman. She isn't related to the boxer.

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Q: Is daisy de la hoya related to boxer Oscar de la hoya?
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Why is daisy de la hoya famous?

because her husband Oscar De La Hoya is a Famous middle weight boxer.

Is daisy de la hoya related to Oscar de la hoya?

"Daisy de la Hoya" is NOT related to Oscar de la Hoya. They are about the same age...Daisy de la Hoya is 36 years old. Although it is difficult to decipher "Daisy's" nationality due to her odd plastic surgery, we are all pretty sure she isn't latina.

Who is the richest boxer in history?

Oscar De La Hoya

Who is Ocscar de la hoya?

Oscar de la Hoya is a professional boxer who retired at the age of 37.

Who is the highest money making boxer?

oscar de la hoya

How old is Oscar de la Hoya?

Former boxer Oscar de la Hoya is 44 years old (birthdate: February 4, 1973).

What is Oscar de la hoya nationality?

He is Mexican American, born in California. His niece is Daisy de la Hoya from Rock of Love and Daisy of Love.

Who is the richest boxer in the world?

Oscar de la hoya or Floyd Mayweather

What boxer was born in 1973 in Los Angeles?

Oscar de la Hoya.

Who is Oscar de la Hoya?

A great boxer who owns the Golden Boy Promotions.

What boxer has one the most titles at different weights?

Oscar dela hoya with 6

Who is a better boxer Floyd Maywether or Oscar De La Hoya?

ur an idiot

Where and when was Oscar De La Hoya born?

Oscar De La Hoya was known as an American professional boxer. Oscar De La Hoya was born on February 4, 1973 in East Los Angeles, California. More information can be found on Wikipedia including a list of other members of Oscar De La Hoya's family that were also boxers.

Who is de la hoya?

De La Hoya, is a retired Mexican boxer. First name Oscar, he actually won a gold metal at the Olympics for boxing.

Oscar de la hoya name in big letters?

Oscar de la Hoya = OSCAR DE LA HOYA

What is daisy's real name off daisy of love?

vanessa de la hoya ________________________ its actually vanessa mossman. i think daisy de la hoya is her stage name, however she did say that Oscar de la hoya was her uncle. maybe her parents were divorced. her old stage name used to be daisy grant

What language does Oscar de la hoya speak?

Oscar De La Hoya is an American boxer of Mexican descent. He was born in Los Angeles in a boxing family. He is known to speak Spanish but is fluent in English as well.

Did Oscar de la hoya go to college?

Well i think he did because than how could be a boxer with out a degree

Who was the boxer caught cross dressing?

you might mean Oscar De La Hoya but the photos were proven to be fake.

Who is is the richest boxer?

that would be between Oscar de la hoya, Floyd mayweather jr & sugar ray Leonard, but i gotta go with de la hoya.

Who was the first boxer to beat Oscar de la hoya?

Felix Trinidad beat (or should i say "got the decision over") Oscar in sept 1999.

How is Oscar De La Hoya a leader?

how is Oscar De La Hoya a leader

Is Daisy de la Hoya ocar de la hoyas duaghter?

No. Considering that "Daisy de la Hoya" aka Vanessa Mossman is approximately the same age as Oscar de la Hoya, (35-38), it is biologically impossible for "Daisy de la Hoya" to be his daughter. "Daisy" falsified her age and name on a number of reality TV programs. Upon examination, it is factual that she is 35+ years of age. Furthermore, she is not latina.

Why is Oscar de la hoya famous?

He is famous because he is a well known and great boxer.

Who are Daisy De La Hoya's parents?

Daisy De La Hoya's father is named Joel De La Hoya. The name of her mother is not known and there isn't much available on Daisy's parents.

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