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Yes. Curling has been an Olympic sport since the Nagano games in 1998. There is a men's division and a women's division.

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Q: Is curling still a olympic sport?
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Is curling still a sport in the Olympics?

Yes. As of the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, curling is still an Olympic sport.

Why did curling become a sport?

Curling became and olympic sport in 1998

Is curling an olympic sport?


How long has curling an Olympic sport?

It has been an Olympic sport since 1998.

What is curling?

Curling is an ice sport played in many areas. it is an olympic sport and it first came from Sctoland.

Whats the strangest Olympic sport?

IMHO... the answer is: Curling.

What olympic sport do you throw stones at houses?


What is the least popular winter Olympic Sport?


What the most boring Olympic Sport?

it has to be by far curling

Is curling a winter sport?

Yes, it is a winter sport and even it is the Winter Olympic sport.

In which winter olympic sport are stones used?

Curling...Oh, how I hate Curling. :P

What is 'curling' in French?

Curling, as an Olympic ice sport, is the same word in English and in French.

What Olympic sport is played using stones and brooms?


In which winter olympic sport do competitors throw rocks?


What country has won the most Olympic medals in Curling?

Canada: 2. Curling has only been an Olympic sport since 1998.

What year was olympicly curling invented?

Curling was introduced as an official Olympic sport in 1998 in the Nagano Olympics.

What became an olympic sport in 1908?

It was Curling. It was invented in the 1600's.

Which olympic sport requires a planting box?

pole vault

What is a synonym for the sport curling?

A synonym for the sport of curling would be weight lifting. Weight lifting is practiced as an amateur, professional, or Olympic sport and people around the world participate.

What year did the sport Curling make its Olympic debut?

1988 in Calgary Canada

When was curling reintroduced as an official winter olympic sport?

1998 Games in Nagano.

What is a 5 syllable sport?

Underwater Golf Olympic curling Extreme Ironing

What are the top three contenders of the Olympic sport of curling?

Eve Muirhead and David Murdoch and ..................................................

When and where did curling become an official sport of the olympic games?

Curling became an official Olympic sport for the 1998 Nagano games. It had been included as a "demonstration" sport a couple of times before that, but it wasn't official until 1998. Both men's and women's curling were included, and the 2018 games will see the Mixed Doubles discipline added.

Was soccer a Olympic sport?

Yes, it's still currently a Olympic sport.