Is curling a dangerous sport

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Well, I'd say so.

Many players get SERIOUSLY injured, and if you watch the Winter Olympics for 2010, a man died from hitting a pole after falling off the 'sled' he rides on. You can get severely injured, cause even death. So, I suggest you better know what your getting into before even doing Luge. (Remember, its dangerous, but don't let that slow you down.)

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Curling is not a dangerous sport because you just have to slide these things and try to get it in a circle. That's what I think. But In the olmpyics I think it is a little more tougher than you think.

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Because it's a high speed sport. High speeds always mean that you can smash into something hard, which can get you injured.

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Q: Is curling a dangerous sport
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curling is dangerous because the rock can slide o you foot and you can trip on the rock as your curling

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