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No! if she was she couldn't play on the WOMEN'S softball team!

No! if she was she couldn't play on the WOMEN'S softball team!

No! if she was she couldn't play on the WOMEN'S softball team!

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 01:38:06
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Q: Is crystl bustos a guy
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When was Crystl Bustos born?

Crystl Bustos was born in 1977.

How tall is crystl bustos?


When did crystl bustos start softball?


Does crystl bustos have children?

Yes Crystal Bustos does have children but I'm not sure how many.

How much does Crystal Bustos weigh?

Famous softball player Crystl Bustos weighs 225 pounds

Where did crystl bustos go to college?

Crystl Bustos, the Olympic softball player, attended Palm Beach Community College. Her nickname is the 'Big Bruiser.' She was born in Canyon County, California on September 8, 1977.

Is Crystl Bustos married?

Crystl Bustos has never made a public statement about her relationship status. Though social media has her listed as married and there are rumors her husbands name is Lonnie. and that they have been married since she was 17 years old.

What is the longest softball home run ever?

Ask the best girl softball hitter in the world crystl bustos. she will put any man to shame.

What jersey number does crystl bustos wear?

27 was wrong she's number 6. I have met her, she's my idol, I play third base, and I'm number 6, She has changed my reason to play softball, COMPLETLY

What is the birth name of Gladys Bustos?

Gladys Bustos's birth name is Gladys Bustos Landino.

What is the birth name of Grace Bustos?

Grace Bustos's birth name is Grace Lee Bustos.

Who are the most famous softball players in the history of softball?

The most famous softball players in the history of softball are Michele Smith, Jennie Finch, Lisa Fernandez, Jennie Finch, Cat Osterman, Dot Richardson, Crystl Bustos and Joan Joyce.

When was David Bustos born?

David Bustos was born in 1990.

When did Juan Bustos die?

Juan Bustos died in 2008.

When was Juan Bustos born?

Juan Bustos was born in 1935.

When was Diego Bustos born?

Diego Bustos was born in 1971.

How tall is Grace Bustos?

Grace Bustos is 5' 4".

What nicknames does Grace Bustos go by?

Grace Bustos goes by Gracie.

When was Horacio Bustos born?

Horacio Bustos was born in 1939, in Argentina.

When was Maximiliano Bustos born?

Maximiliano Bustos was born on 1982-01-05.

When was Arturo Garcรญa Bustos born?

Arturo García Bustos was born in 1926.

What is Corral de Bustos's population?

Corral de Bustos's population is 12,000.

When was Isaac Bustos born?

Isaac Bustos was born on 1975-02-16.

When was Mikey Bustos born?

Mikey Bustos was born on 1981-06-23.

When was Ramsรฉs Bustos born?

Ramsés Bustos was born on 1991-10-13.