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Yes cricket is played outside either in a field or in an arena depending on who is playing.

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Q: Is cricket played in the field?
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What is the playing area for cricket?

Cricket is played in a cricket ground or cricket field (which is green and grassy somewhat like a football field), in the middle of which there is a pitch (ungrassed piece of land) where the batsmen bat.

What is the name of an Australian rules football field?

A football oval. Seeing as the field is oval. AFL games are also played on cricket field such as the MCG in Melbourne and the Gabba in Brisbane. A football oval. Seeing as the field is oval. AFL games are also played on cricket field such as the MCG in Melbourne and the Gabba in Brisbane.

What is a cricket pitch made of?

ricket pitches are just specially treated patches of grass on the field the cricket is played on.

What sport is played in Pakistan?

Field Hockey, Cricket,Football And Squash

What is the circumference of a cricket ground?

A cricket ground is the field where cricket is played. Based on the standards of the International Cricket Council, the circumference of a cricket ground must be between 430 to 471 meters.

What are the dimensions of the cricket field in T20 cricket?

same as the regular feild around 65 meters because the T20's are played on a regular cricket ground as ODI or Test.

What is bigger Australia AFL field or US NFL?

The Australian AFL field is played on a cricket field, the US NFL field would fit inside this with room to move

What term is used in cricket for the two men on the field who decide on whether the batsman are out and signal for extras and boundries?

The term for the two men on cricket field are umpires.

Is compound words cricket field?


What are the dimensions of a CRICKET field?

A cricket field is approximately 525 feet by 550 feet.

What is the biggest cricket field in australia?

the biggest cricket field and stadium in Australia is the M.C.G

What are the most popular sports played in Pakistan?

{| |- | Cricket Field Hockey Squash Polo Soccer/Football |}

What is a cricket field?

Where people play cricket

How many field places are there in cricket ground?

There are almost 25 field places are there in cricket ground.

When was Flowery Field Cricket Club created?

Flowery Field Cricket Club was created in 1838.

What is the size of the inner ring in a cricket field?

The size of the inner ring in a cricket field is 30 yards.

Is cricket field compound word?


Dimension of ckt field?

The dimensions of a cricket field vary by location. There is no standard field size for cricket. It is a circle that has a diameter of 450 to 500 yards.

What cricket is being played at Kensington Oval Barbados in Jan-Feb 2008?

what are ways a batsman an be dismissed from the field and their meaning

Write a sentence between cricket field and cricket pitch?

Cricket Field :The cricket field consists of a large circular or oval-shaped grassy ground. There are no fixed dimensions for the field but its radius usually varies between 450 feet (137 m) to 500 feet (150 m).Cricket Pitch : cricket pitch is 22yds (66ft) from stump to stump and is 8'8" wide

Why is cricket played in England?

Cricket is not played in England its played in India!

What is the Official size of a cricket field?

no official size of a cricket field pitch is 22 yards long,but the outfield varies

What is place where cricket is played?

cricket is played in stadiums.There are many stadiums for cricket in different countries.

What is the french word for cricket field?

un terrain de cricket

What are some species of crickets?

north American field cricket, house cricket, tree cricket, mole cricke, wood cricket