Is college basketball 09 on the PSP?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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no, I have been doing research and it looks like there will not be any College Basketball games coming out for the psp. I really wanted ncaa Basketball also.

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Q: Is college basketball 09 on the PSP?
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How much is 2k9 NBA basketball for psp?

there is no nba 2K9 for psp but there is nba live 09

Are there any college basketball games on PSP?

no lol

Will there be an 09 NCAA basketball game for psp?

obviosly wow like holy

Is ncaa basketball 2009 by EA sports the only college basketball game this year?

if it is just basketball no there is nba live 09, nba 2k9, and nba 09: the inside and if it is college basketball likely no but could be.

Which college basketball has won the most games in basketball history?

Kentucky has won 2002 games as of 12/30/09

When did women's NCAA basketball begin?

The first women's college basketball game was March 21, 1982 at Smith College.

When does sporting news college basketball preview magazine come out?


Is NCAA basketball for PSP?

no. it sat out this year for psp

Is there a college basketball game for psp?

no not that i no of i have been wondering the same thing for a long time if u find one tell me

Is there a NCAA basketball game for psp go?


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I have Madden 09 for the PSP. There are no cheats for that gaame on that system.

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