Is classic 11 a real team?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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Q: Is classic 11 a real team?
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What is the best team on fifa 11?

classic 11

What is the classic Brazil's team's real name in pes 2010?


Who is in the football classic 11 team on fifa 09?

Fernando Torres

What are the fake and real names of classic team players in Pes 2008?


What are the real names of the German national team on Pro evolution soccer 8 not the classic team?


Which is the best team in fifa 13?

classic xi , world xi , real madrid.

Is classic xi the best soccer team in the world?

no as it does not have any current players in it, messi and c.ronaldo for instance would get in to classic 11 no prob

What is the strongest team in fifa 11?

It goes 1.)Classic XI 2.)World XI 3.) Spain

When did Team Fortress Classic happen?

Team Fortress Classic happened in 1999.

What team does kaka play on in fifa 11 xbox?

Real Madrid

When was Team Fortress Classic created?

Team Fortress Classic was created on 1999-04-07.

What team does kaka play for in fifa 11?

I think he plays for Real Madrid.