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Q: Is chris Johnson a good rb to put on the field for titans?
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Is Darren Mcfadden a good trade for Chris Johnson?


Will Aaron Rodgers be better than Chris Johnson?

Chris Johnson is a pretty good player but Aaron Rodgers puts up lotss of yards

Who should you play you have deangelo willams against the lions or chris Johnson against jacksonville?

Chris Johnson, he's to beast. Deangelo, is good averaging 1 TD each game but Chris is way better.

Can titans go to playoffs?

yes in the 2010 seson i think Johnson is to good no other running back is better that's why

Did Clarisse and Chris know each other before Chris joined to titans side. Were they friends?

Yes they did know each other.they were very good friends.Nobody really knew though.

When will the Tennessee titans win a Super Bowl?

I think the Tennessee Titans have the potential to win the super bowl this season. They have one of the best Running backs in the league, Chris Johnson. and they have Vince Young, he isn't the best but he proving himself to be a pretty good Quarter Back. He can run and throw pretty well. and they had Nate Washington and Kenny Britt which is great WR's, but Kenny Britt got injured, so the Titans picked up Randy Moss off the Vikings waiver. Randy Moss is their vertical man, he has great speed and height. and I think Vince Young is a good enough QB to throw to him deep. And with Randy Moss and the offence it'll keep some people out of the box, allowing Chris Johnson to make a big one. and lastly the Titans Defense, they are one of the toughest defense around. You can't score against them without a fight. So I definitely say the Titans has a chance to win this years Super Bowl.

Is Calvin Johnson and chris Johnson trade for lesean mccoy and vincient Jackson good?

It's good if you're the one getting the two Johnsons. If you're the one who gave them up, then you have my sympathies.

Is starfire in Teen Titans good or bad?

She is part of the Teen Titans so that would make her good.

Are titans the same as Olympians?

No. The Greek gods were good and the Titans were evil versions of them.

Should you trade Chris Johnson for DeSean Jackson?

Depending on what side of the trade you are on, you should try to get chris johnson. Though, it's not looking too good, but at some point he might break out of his horrible slump and return to the form of Cj2k again

How good do you think the titans will be in 2010?


Was the Teen Titans game good?

it was pretty cool

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