Is cheerleading considered a sport

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Drumline is so a sport. Those other athletes who disagree are fooling themselves. On average a drummer in a drumline has 7 pages of music with 1000's of notes to memorize. On top of that they also have about 50 pages of drill and on field forms to memorize. Also, the drumline is responsible for keeping the tempo steady for the whole band while keeping ever note they play together, clean, and crisp like a granny smith apple. There was a study about the difference between the heart rate and blood pressure of a pro Basketball player versus a drumline member, on the field marching a full show with a set of tenors on. The basketball players heart rate was significantly higher than that of the drumline members. This is proof that it takes more mental and physical stamina. I played basketball myself for 8 years, soccer for 4 years, and drumline for 7 years. I've never been so exhausted then when coming off the field after doing a marching band performance as a tenor player.

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Cheerleading should only be consider a sport when it is competitive. Sometimes cheerleading is competitive and sometimes it is not.

The following definition from is incomplete.

"A sport is any physical activity involving, motion, and strength."

Auto racing is also a sport.

The key component of sport is competition.

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Some people (mostly people who do not dance) would say no because they don't think you work very hard. Yet, if you ask any dancer they will tell you yes! Dancers and drill teams work very hard to work on perfecting things. After every dance class or session your heart will be racing and your blood is pulsing and you worked very hard. So I would say yes of course! Some high school drill teams work harder than any other sport at their high school!

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YES cheer leading is a sport. why wouldn't it be one. In cheer leading girls or guys can get seriously injured from a broken arm to being paralyzed.

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Q: Is cheerleading considered a sport
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Is cheerleading concidered a sport?

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