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Yes, cheer is a sport. A sport is "an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess," something that describes cheer.

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Q: Is cheer actually a sport
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Is cheer leading actually a sport?

Yes, cheer is a sport. A sport is "an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess," something that describes cheer.

Why is cheer Victoria Justice's favorite sport?

because she likes to cheer

Is cheer a real sport?


Is cheer a sport Yes or no?


What is hannah montanas favirote sport?

her favorite sport is cheer leading

10 reasons cheer leading is not a sport?

It is a sport. Get your facts straight.

What is Darien's sport cheer?

I dont know what is this

What is a good sport for girls in seattle?


How is basketball cheer leading a sport?

It's not.

Why is All Star Cheer called All Star Cheer?

Because All-Star cheerleading does not cheer for a school! Instead they cheer for their own cheer team! The only sport that they cheer for is their own cheerleading team!

Is cheerleading an athletic sport?

If it is competitive cheer, yes

What sport is most dangerouse?

Surpisingly, Cheer Leading.

What is Victoria Justices favorite sport?

it is gymnastics and cheer

Why is cheer the best sport?

It isn't. The best sport is all in your opinion. You can't prove any sport is the best

Is cheerleading considered a sport?

YES cheer leading is a sport. why wouldn't it be one. In cheer leading girls or guys can get seriously injured from a broken arm to being paralyzed.

Is cheerleading a popular sport?

cheer leading is a very widely popular sport all around.

Which sport have a higher injury rate- football or cheer?


What is the most dangerous sport ever?

gymnastics and cheer leading

What is the most dangrous sport?

Cheer leading, probably.

What is cheer sport sharks?

Cheer sport sharks is a cheerleading organization that is owned by Ally and Alana they are two amazing cheerleading coaches and they are followed by many other athletes as coaches as well. yes cheerleading is a sport and yes we are athletes!

In which sport would you go to a Basho?

Badmington. The spectators would cheer it.

Who is a good sport leader and why?

you need to be encouraging to your people in your group and cheer them on!!!

Is cheerleading an official sport?

Yes, Cheer leading is an official sport.... most people take it for granted, though cheer leading is more athletic than most athletically required sports.

What are differences of sport and games?

If you do a sport really well, you can get paid for it. Everything else is a game, especially cheer leading.

What sport did Miley play on Hannah Montana?

football , tennis , soccer and cheer leading which is now officially a sport