Is chandler parsons on nba 2k12?

Updated: 12/8/2022
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Yes he is. He plays on the Houston Rockets

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Q: Is chandler parsons on nba 2k12?
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What college did NBA player Chandler Parsons play for?

NBA player Chandler Parsons played for Florida.

How tall is Chandler Parsons?

NBA player Chandler Parsons is 6'-09''.

How much does Chandler Parsons weigh?

NBA player Chandler Parsons weighs 227 pounds.

How much money does Chandler Parsons make?

NBA player Chandler Parsons made $926500 in the 2013-2014 season.

Is Chandler Parson's father Gary Parsons?

Yes, Chandler Parson's father is Gary Parsons. His mother is Terri Parsons. Chandler currently plays in the NBA for the Houston Rockets and his Grandfather, Don Parson, also played professional basketball.

How old is Tyson Chandler?

NBA player Tyson Chandler is 35 years old (born October 2, 1982).

What is 2k12?

NBA 2K12 is the best game ever out and nobody can beat me in NBA 2K12

Is NBA 2k12 and NBA 2k12 legends showcase on one game CD?

yes and i know because I have NBA 2K12

Does chandler parsons have a girlfriend?

As of my most recent information, Chandler Parsons is not publicly dating anyone.

When was Chandler Parsons born?

Chandler Parsons was born on 1988-10-25.

What position does Chandler Parsons play?

Chandler Parsons plays small forward for the Houston Rockets.

What is Chandler Parsons's number on the Houston Rockets?

Chandler Parsons is number 25 on the Houston Rockets.