Is chad Gilbert a fighter

Updated: 9/14/2023
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He practices mma

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Q: Is chad Gilbert a fighter
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How tall is Chad Gilbert?


Is chad Gilbert a Christian?

He is a Christian

How to contact Chad Gilbert?

twitter or tumblr

Where does chad Gilbert live?

Los Angeles

What is Haley William's boyfriend's name?

Chad Gilbert

When was chad Gilbert born?

March 9, 1981

What is the profile of chad Gilbert in Facebook?

He don´t have facebook

Who is Chad Gilbert's dad?

His name was Marvin Frank Gilbert and he died 9 years ago because he had cancer

Is chad Gilbert dating anyone?

Hayley Williams since 2008

How did Chad Gilbert become famous?

Chad Gilbert became famous as he was the lead guitarist in the punk rock band New Found Glory. He is also famous for being in a relationship with Paramore's lead singer, Hayley Williams.

When Haley Williams broke up with Chad Gilbert?

They are not broken up. They are still dating.

Did chad Gilbert cheat on sherri dupree?

no he diddn´t. they got divorced end 2007 and chad and hayley started dating early 2008