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Carles Puyol is a Spanish footballer, from Barcelona and Spain, so he is a catholic.

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Q: Is carles puyol of fc barcalona christian?
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What sport does Carles Puyol play?

Carles Puyol is a professional soccer player. He currently plays for FC Barcelona.

Who is the captain of fc Barcelona 2010?

Carles Puyol, my favourite player!!

Who is the captain of fc Barcelona?

Carles Puyol, since the end of the 2003-2004 season.

Who is the longest serving captain of fc Barcelona?

It is carles Puyol of Barcelona , from the year 2003.

Who is the captain of fc Barcelona b?

The captain of Barcelona since 2004 is carles Puyol.

Where online can one view videos of the footballer Carles Puyol?

You can view online videos of the football player Carles Puyol at YouTube, FC Barcelona, Times of India, Fanpop, San Diego Red, OVGuide, and Dailymotion.

What was the score in the uefa champions league final 2006?

carles puyol from fc Barcelona team is the best player i think but the most scorer player is Lionel messi from fc Barcelona team

Barcelona's new starting team?

Starting XI for FC Barcelona..... Valdes, Dani Alves, Carles Puyol, Maxwell, Xavi, Mascherano, Iniesta, Pedro, Villa, Messi

Who are the 5 greatest players in FC Barcelona history?

1. Johan Cruyff 2. Lionel Messi 3. Carles Puyol 4. Xavi Hernandez 5. Ronald Koeman

Who plays for fc barcelona?

The main players victor valdes, carles Puyol, Danny A laves Eric Abidal, , xavi, andrea Iniesta, Kieta, Busquets, Lionel Messi, Pedro and david Villa.

Players in FC Barcelona?

They are Victor Valdes, Eric Abidal, Carles Puyol, Danny Alaves, Gerrard Pique., Andrea Inesta, Busquets, Kieta, Xavi Hernandez, Lionel Messi, David Villa.

Is FC Barcalona Better Than LA Galaxy?


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