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It's really more down to the design than the material, with the right design and quality of assembly a good bike can be built out just about any material. There area still some questions about carbon frames resistance to impact though, so for something like all-mountain where falls are fairly frequent and the need for a really light ride isn't as pressing you might want to go with another frame material instead.

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Q: Is carbon frame better for an all mountain MTB?
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What the most important part about an mtb?

The most important part of an MTB is its frame, as it determines the bike's durability, strength, and performance capabilities. A well-designed frame will provide stability, comfort, and responsiveness, making it the foundation for a great mountain biking experience.

What do the sizes on a mountain bike refer to?

the overall frame size. not specific to wheel size, as most mtb wheels are 26 inch.

What exactly is meant an MTB street rider?

MTB is an abbreviation for mountain bike. A MTB street rider is one who rides their mountain bike on the street. Expert MTB street riders can do a variety of tricks on their bikes.

What is the difference between a 'hardtail all-mountain' MTB and a 'full suspension all-mountain' MTB?

A full-sus MTB will have both a sus fork and suspension for the rear wheel. A Hard Tail MTB will have a sus fork but will look like a regular bike in the frame, with no suspension for the rear wheel. "All-Mountain means that the bike is light enough and sized well enough to be able to be ridden uphill while still being strong enough to hold together for a decent downhill run.

Where can one purchase a MTB frame?

You can purchase a MTB frame online from websites such as Chain Reaction Cycles and Jenson USA. You can also purchase them from personal sellers on the eBay auction website.

What does MTB mean in free rider 2?

Mountain Bike

Who invented the Mountain bike gears?

Tullio Campagnolo made the first derailleur, but no one really invented MTB gears. Gears were already available for road bikes, so people started using those and then gradually changed them to work better for MTB-type riding.

Who invented the mountain bike frame?

I don't think you can pin point a single inventor for that. MTB riding started with regular bikes that got more and more modified for the special kind of riding every time they broke and had to be fixed. Eventually someone built a frame from scratch rather than bother with modifying an old one. It became the first purpose built MTB, but it was only one example in a long line of similar looking bikes.

What size wheels should I get for an 18 inch frame?

Depends on what size wheels the frame is made for. You could have an 18" that is meant for 20" BMX wheels, or 26" MTB wheels or 29er MTB wheels. Getting the wheel size wrong is unlikely to result in a nicely rideable bike.

What kind of bicycle seat is on a mountain bike?

It's a saddle. Some are sold as MTB-specific, but unless you plan on doing jump and drops you can use whichever fits - regardless if it's "road", MTB, or even BMX.

What type of bicycles are worth more than 10000?

A XC Full Suspension, all Carbon Fibre mtb

What do mountain bikes do?

A mountain bike, or MTB, is the bicycle equivalent of a jeep/SUV/4x4 car, and allows the rider to ride in/over rough terrain w/o damaging the vehicle.