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it most certainly is.

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Q: Is bull in the ring illegal in football in west Virginia?
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Are there any illegal drills in high school football?

The only one I know of is "bull in the ring"

Why is bull ring illegal in football?

when you call out a number the player doesnt know where the other player is coming from and can get hit in the back get hurt that is what i think but im not sure

Persons killed by bull in the ring football drill?

How would that be possible? That is a very common drill.

What is the bull ring attendant called?

The bull ring attendant

How is the bull removed from the ring after it is killed?

The bull is dragged around the ring once and then ragged out of the ring.

What is the name for a bull ring in Spain?

The bull ring is called the Plaza de Toros.

What are some street football variations?

There are many street football variations including but not limited to Loco, Bull In The Ring, Rumble Fumble, Jump Off, Throw it up football, Throw-Up Tackle and Muckle.

When was St Martin in the Bull Ring created?

St Martin in the Bull Ring was created in 1873.

Why does a bull have a nose ring?

In some countries a bull is used for work and the ring is a way to lead the animal to and from its job.

What city is famous for the bull ring shopping center?

The Bull Ring shopping centre can be found in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

What do you call the ring immediately surrounding the bull of a target?

The 9-ring

How do you score triples and doubles in darts?

The 3/8" wide ring that surrounds the perimeter of the scoring area is the doubles area. Also, the inner bull is the double bull (although they just call it the bull in Europe). The 3/8" wide ring that is midway between the bull and the doubles ring is the triples ring (they call them trebles across the pond).