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Short Answer- Yes

Long answer- You get three basic body types endomorph, mesomorph and ectomorph. If you were born a ectomorph you will definitely struggle however if you are a endomorph you should gain quite a bit of muscle mass given the correct stimuli and nutrition. However it does not end there, what you do and when you do it in your life will also determine how much muscle mass you can gain. Your growth hormone levels are at their highest during your growing years so you will struggle to gain muscle after your twenties.

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No it's not hard if you really want to make your muscle huge then you must be crazy about bodybuilding then it will seem like a sport for you can you can keep away from this.

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Q: Is building muscle hard
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Should you lose weight before building muscle?

If You Want Your 6 Pack To Show Because Its Hard To Lose Weight While Building Muscle.

Which muscle building supplement works the best?

stacklabs steroids muscle building works as the best

Is it normal for your arms to be hard to lift up after weightlifting?

mhmm because that means the muscle are spent and will be building mass in no time

What muscle push hard against the wall?

muscle that push hard to wall

What is the maximum age for muscle building?

There is not maximum age. No matter your age, building muscle takes work, but is not impossible.

Does La Muscle have a muscle on their Facebook page?

LA Muscle, a UK-based company, makes muscle building and weight loss supplements. They do not have a muscle on their Facebook page at this time. However, since they do work in muscle building, they may occasionally use a muscle in their advertising.

What is the scientific principal behind building a muscle?

a muscle pimple

How can I tell that I am getting muscle growth?

Generally you will gain about 2 pounds of muscle a month when body building when you are a strict beginner and working really hard at eating proper. If you are gaining much more then that I would be concerned that it isn't all muscle gain.

What benefits does muscle building give you?

Muscle building improves your posture, body functions, circulation, metabolism and your skeletal structure.

Where can I find more information on muscle building diet?

You can find more information on healthy muscle building diets by reading health magazines and websites. I suggest a good diet to build muscle is not so much protein from animals but protein from nuts and whey. Fruit also helps repair muscles quicker after a long hard work out.

Is swimming good for gaining weight and building muscle?

Building muscle yes, but since it is also aerobic, gaining weight will be a struggle.

Is strength building important to bodybuilding?

Yes, strength building is very important to bodybuilding. Strength goes along with building muscle. The more muscle you build, the more strength you will have and the bigger your muscles can get.

How do you gain weight on your skinny arms?

Well, its hard to gain weight on your arms specifically, however, you can add mass to them by building the arm muscle (with pushups, etc.)

At what age should my son consider muscle building?

After 7 or 8 years you can send your son for muscle building. For this to happen your son must be interested in this.

What sentence can there be with the word muscle in it?

I use the multigym twice a week and do muscle building exercises.

How does muscle building work?

By breaking down the muscle fibers and creating new ones.

Should teenagers be build muscle?

yes you should try and healthly build muscle but dont push yourself to hard as it can stunt growth press ups and sit ups are good for exercise and muscle building as you are using your own weight and not using to much weight and straining yourself

What is the best protein for muscle building?

work out

Do muscle building milkshakes work?


How do you get skinny without building muscle?


Does building muscle mean burning fat?

The process of building muscle doesn't directly require fat burning. If you have excess fat, however, the body can take advantage of that and utilize it to gain the energy necessary to build muscle.

Is nitrogen balance important for building muscle?

Nitrogen balance is not important in the process of building muscle, but testing for nitrogen can help determine whether protein consumption is optimal.

What kind of workout is best for building muscle AND losing fat?

An exercise routine that incorporates cardio and weight lifting is highly efficient at building muscle and burning fat.

Could a hard fall causes muscle diseases?

No. But it can cause muscle damage.

Is it bad when the belly fat is hard?

If its hard it isn't fat, its Muscle.