Is bronze star swimming hard

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depends who your swimming against

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Q: Is bronze star swimming hard
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What level is bronze medallion?

in swimming it is the level after bronze star and before bronze cross

When was Bronze Bauhinia Star created?

Bronze Bauhinia Star was created in 1997.

Do you have a picture of a bronze service star?

A Bronze Service Star was a small bronze star device that was added to a Campaign Medal to indicate 5 campaigns.

How did Robert E Lee earn the bronze star award?

He did not win a Bronze Star. The Bronze Star was not created until the 1940s, after Lee was long dead.

Who are the Silver and Bronze Star winners from Arkansas?

No list of Silver Star and Bronze Star winners was ever compiled.

What is the difference between a silver and bronze star?

one is silver and one is bronze The Silver Star Medal is a higher award for bravery than the Bronze Star Medal. The Bronze Star Medal was issued to any Infantryman who fought in combat. The Silver Star Medal is silver and has a ribbon that is prodominately blue. The Bronze Star Medal is identical in size and design except it is bronze and has a ribbon that is mainly red.

When was Bronze Star Medal created?

Bronze Star Medal was created on 1944-02-04.

Did Dusten Brown receive the bronze star?

No, It was a "bronze star on his lapel" which is a small star meant to be attached to a military ribbon.

Is there a Bronze Star Medal Association?

Yes there is one. I have added the link to the Bronze Star Medal Association.

Is there a list of Bronze Star recipients from World War 2?

No list of Bronze Star Medal recipients exists.

You would like to know if you can wear a cap that says bronze star medal your 214 says Vietnam service medal w1 bronze star?

NO. That Bronze star on the Service Medal is not the same. That medal is in recognition of how many deployments to that area. The 'Bronze Star' itself stands alone.

Is there an organization for Bronze Star recipients?

There is not.

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