Is boxing hard

Updated: 10/23/2022
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Well I'm in boxing and its not hard for me, so I would say that for some people it probably is because my daughter is 6 and it's easy for her and me.

But bear in mind that the difficulty of boxing depends upon who you are boxing with. And you can get injured. All those blows to the head are not good for your health.

Their is "White Colar" level boxing which is -non competitional, and their is competition boxing. I have a 51 bouts amateur career and I had different levels of intensity with my training. One may become accustomed to the prep. When one is new, it seems the training is very drastic. The training is not easy. As far as the match ups themselves, yes, it depends on how one is matched. But, for just "citizens" boxing at near white colar levels, their isn't any calibrationon match-making involved. Though one of the little secrets of life in boxing, is that you really do not always know what you accomplished until all the race horses, you raced with make it accross finish line. -Go to discussions page, please-

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Q: Is boxing hard
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