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No but he is trying to become an mma fighter although he is working on his boxing and Wrestling

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Q: Is bobby lashly a UFC fighter?
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What happend to bobby lashly?

he's at tna

What happened to Bobby Lashly in WWE?

He quit

Who would win a UFC fighter or a sumo?

ufc fighter

Does bobby lashly take steriods?

yes he was on the juice

Is Bobby Lashly really dead?

no he is just injured

Where was bobby lashly born?

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Heaviest UFC fighter?

the heivest ufc fighter is Sean gannon

Could a street fighter become a UFC fighter?

Kimbo Slice was a street fighter and has become a UFC fighter.

When is bobby lashly going to returnto wwe?

he is in TNA now

Who would win a sumo or a UFC fighter?

ufc fighter definetely a sumo wrestler

Richest UFC fighter?

The Richest UFC fighter, in terms of earnings from the UFC, is Chuck "The Iceman" Liddell according to UFC president Dana White.

Where you can download WWE bobby lashly 3rd entrance theme?

on google

Why did bobby lashly go to tna impact?

coz his contract expired

How many matches bobby lashly the wrestler won?

5,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999 matches

Will bobby lashly return to tna?

maybye nobody knows really

What WWE brock lesnar is doing as profession?

He is now a UFC fighter. He is now a UFC fighter.

Shortest UFC fighter?

Currently, the shortest fighter in the UFC is John Lineker. He stands 5'2".

Where has Bobby Lashly gone?

he was injured but know he is at tna and mma he does two sports

Is nacho man a UFC fighter?


What happened to ufc fighter Thiago Silva?

The UFC fighter Thiago Silva is in jail. He is in jail for making threats to his wife.

Who was the oldest UFC fighter who was the oldest UFC fighter?

The oldest fighter ever to participate in a UFC event was Ron Van Clief, who fought in UFC 4 at age 51. Van Clief lost his only UFC fight by submission to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu specialist Royce Gracie.

What UFC fighter has had the most fights in the UFC?

Tito Ortiz holds the record for most UFC fights.

When is Batista first fight in UFC?

ufc 128 or ufc 129 to verse Bobby lashley

Who was the oldest fighter in UFC 55?


Who is the meanest fighter in the UFC?

Chuck Laydel