Is blood in WWE real

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i think in my opinion its real cuz they cant just take the camera away and put blood sauce on there face

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Q: Is blood in WWE real
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Is the blood real on WWE the real answers?


In wwe is it real blood?


Is the undertaker really evil?

no. wwe is not real even the blood

Is WWE wresteling real?

WWE is fake but the chair shots, blood and weapons are real. In reality, wrestling grapples, strikes and interferences etc. are fake and scripted by WWE Chairman Vince McMahon.

Is WWE blood real or fake?

Some of the injuries are real, and some or not. Today (late 2008-currently in 2010) in the PG era, there hasn't been much blood as of late because WWE has banned it. So no more faking or planning blood. If there is any blood today, it is for the most part for real. Watch Over The Limit 2010 PPV for example. Back before this PG era WWE started, WWE had blood alot more often but of course for the most part it was fake.

Is WWE blood real?

no.the reffere drops to the ground and gives the wrestler the fake blood and the wrestler puts the blood on his face

Is WWE is real wresling?

no wwe is not real wesling

What are some opinions about WWE?

wwe is nothing but drama these days. wwe attracts ages 5-10 usually. if you want real blood and fighting i suggest UFC

Is WWE blood fake?

No, the blood in WWE matches is always real. mostly they uses little knives to make a cut just below the hairline. but sometimes it's real. mostly with broken noses or wrong landings on the steel steps

Are the Ladders real in WWE?

Yes, the ladders are real in the WWE.

Do WWE use real blood?

Some people Jib (cut themselfs or use blood packs) Others get really cut

Is the chairshots in WWE real?

no . WWE is fixed.

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