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It is singular to refer to the game. However, a shot may be called a billiard and in that case, billiards can refer to multiple shots and would be plural.

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2012-09-22 17:26:46
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Q: Is billiards singular or plural
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Is billiards usually singular or plural?

The noun 'billiards' is a mass (uncountable) noun, a type of aggregate noun; a word representing an indefinite number of elements or parts (like news or clothes). The noun 'billiards' is a word for a type of game (singular) takes a verb for singular. The word 'billiard' is an adjective and a noun. The noun 'billiard' is a word for a type of shot in cue sports, not the singular for the type of game.

What is the plural for billiards?


What the singular of billiards?

The word billiards, though plural in form, is singular in meaning. There is no such thing as a billiard. You can refer to a billiard ball or a billiard table, but in those constructions the word billiard is an adjective, not a noun.

What is the plural form of billiards?


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